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Attack on Shiite mosque in Kabul leaves 5 dead

It’s the latest attack in the country, where Afghan and coalition forces have been squaring off for years with Islamic militants, including the Taliban and ISIS — both Sunni movements. Sectarian tensions have raged for some time between members of ...

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Iraqi Army on alert for attack on Kirkuk

BAGHDAD: The Iraqi army and allied Shiite-dominated paramilitary troops were on alert to raid Kurdish peshmerga forces in the disputed city of Kirkuk early on Monday after talks failed and a 48-hour deadline passed for the Kurds to withdraw.“We have ...

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Iraq tensions rise after Kurds warn of attack

IRBIL, Iraq: Tensions escalated between Iraq’s Kurds and Baghdad on Thursday as warnings of a “major attack” by government forces prompted Kurdish peshmerga fighters to temporarily block roads from other parts of the country.The move came just over two weeks ...

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