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Quiz: Could you pass Donald Trump's cognitive test?

This quiz is based on an example of the MoCA test that assesses an individual’s language, memory and visuo-spatial skills – among other functions. The MoCA may be used to support the diagnosis of dementia. If you are concerned about ...

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U.S.-Backed Force Could Cement a Kurdish Enclave in Syria

Advertisement BEIRUT, Lebanon — A plan to create a new American-backed, Kurdish-led border force in northeastern Syria has raised alarms in the region that the United States may be helping to cement an autonomous Kurdish enclave that could further divide ...

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Afrin offensive could risk Turkey’s relations with Russia

Related Articles ANKARA: Turkey’s preparation for an imminent military operation in the Syrian Kurd province of Afrin could raise the complex and delicate question of who are Ankara’s partners and who are its rivals?The operation against a US-backed Kurdish militia, ...

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