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Iraqi Kurds postpone polls in face of crisis

IRBIL, IRAQ: Iraq’s autonomous Kurdish region on Wednesday postponed presidential and legislative elections because of the current crisis with Baghdad, its electoral commission said.The region’s Independent High Electoral Commission said it had “decided to suspend temporarily preparations for the elections ...

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Kurds’ statehood dream dies as Baghdad retakes oil fields

BAGHDAD: Iraqi troops and allied Shiite-dominated paramilitary forces took control on Tuesday of all Kirkuk’s oil fields, dealt a crushing blow to fragmented Kurdish forces and redrew the map of northern Iraq.The lightning two-day attack by Baghdad ended Kurdish hopes ...

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25 Kurds killed in Kirkuk fighting, say medics

KIRKUK: A hospital in the Iraqi Kurdish city of Suleimaniyah said Tuesday it received the bodies of 25 Kurdish fighters killed in clashes a day earlier over the disputed city of Kirkuk.Dr. Omeid Hama Ali, director of Suleimaniyah Hospital’s emergency ...

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Iraqi forces seize Kirkuk from Kurds in bold advance

BAGHDAD, Iraq (Reuters) – Iraqi government forces captured the Kurdish-held city of Kirkuk on Monday, responding to a Kurdish vote on independence with a bold lightning strike that transforms the balance of power in the country. A convoy of armored ...

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Baghdad gives ultimatum on Kirkuk pullback: Kurds

SULAIMANIYAH, Iraq: Baghdad has set a pre-dawn Sunday deadline for Kurdish forces to abandon positions in the disputed oil province of Kirkuk they took during the fightback against the Daesh group, a senior Kurdish official said.The reported ultimatum comes as ...

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