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Major fishing nations agree Arctic moratorium

The world’s major fishing nations have agreed a moratorium on commercial fishing in the Arctic Ocean, before it has even become established. Much of the Arctic was once permanently frozen but global warming means its waters are becoming more accessible. ...

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Russia, U.S. and Other Nations Restrict Fishing in Thawing Arctic

MOSCOW — Relations between Russia and the United States are in a deep freeze, but they share a looming common problem north of their Arctic coastlines — the prospect that commercial trawling fleets might overfish the thawing Arctic Ocean. Out ...

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North Korea: US urges all nations to cut ties with Pyongyang

Media playback is unsupported on your device The US has urged “all nations” to cut diplomatic and trade ties with North Korea after the country’s latest ballistic missile test. Speaking at the UN Security Council, US envoy Nikki Haley said ...

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