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Trilobites: New Pacific Island Could Resemble Ancient Martian Volcanoes

Trilobites By KENNETH CHANG NEW ORLEANS — How is a little Pacific island like the planet Mars? Let James Garvin count the ways. In December 2014, an underwater volcano amid the islands of Tonga in the South Pacific erupted. When ...

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Trilobites: Sometimes Seeing More Endangered Tigers Isn’t a Good Sign

Advertisement Sumatran tigers can’t seem to catch a break. This week, a study containing good news about the population of this endangered cat also carried a disclaimer that there was probably no cause for optimism. The new study, published Tuesday ...

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Trilobites: How Dwarf Mongooses Respond to New Immigrants

Trilobites By JAMES GORMAN Dwarf mongooses, the African social mammals that are cousins to the ever popular meerkats, are not actually people. And new research about migration from one mongoose group to another has nothing to do with the current ...

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Trilobites: Hundreds of Fossilized Pterosaur Eggs Uncovered in China

Trilobites By NICHOLAS ST. FLEUR Welcome to Pterosaur Park. Paleontologists have uncovered more than 200 fossilized eggs belonging to the flying reptiles that soared during the age of dinosaurs. The discovery, which was announced Thursday in the journal Science, is ...

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