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Extreme dining in Shanghai: French chef’s twist on haute cuisine

SHANGHAI: A van spirits ten guests to a secret location in Shanghai, where they enter a non-descript industrial building as Strauss’s theme from “2001: A Space Odyssey” fills the air.Inside is avant-garde restaurant Ultraviolet, the city’s newest three-star Michelin eatery, ...

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New twist in India 10-year-old's rape case

Police in India have reopened the case of a 10-year-old girl after forensic tests revealed that her baby’s DNA samples did not match those of her uncle who is charged with raping her. After the Supreme Court denied her permission ...

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State of the Art: Silicon Valley’s Politics Revealed: Mostly Far Left (With a Twist)

Farhad Manjoo STATE OF THE ART Silicon Valley has long preferred to remain aloof from national politics, but the Trump era has altered that stance. In recent months, tech luminaries have repeatedly clashed with the president, criticizing his executive order ...

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Israel’s Getting a New Wall, This One With a Twist

KFAR SIRKIN, Israel — Israel is building another wall to protect itself from its enemies. But rather than a major eyesore, much of this one will be invisible. In the coming months, military officials say, the army will be accelerating ...

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