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New Saudi Blockade of Yemen Could Cost Lives, Aid Groups Warn

Fifteen humanitarian relief groups expressed growing alarm on Wednesday over Saudi Arabia’s three-day-old blockade of entry points to Yemen, warning that the action had imperiled lifesaving assistance to millions. The Saudi-led military coalition that is embroiled in a nearly three-year ...

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Daesh will survive Deir Ezzor defeat, warn experts

Related Articles PARIS/BEIRUT: Daesh may have just lost the last major city of its self-proclaimed “caliphate,” but experts and officials warn this is far from being the terrorists’ deathblow.Analysts say the Syrian regime army’s recapture of Deir Ezzor announced Friday ...

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Wheels: Forgetting a Child in a Back Seat Can Kill. Cars May Soon Warn You.

By PAUL STENQUIST At least 41 children have died of heatstroke this year after being left in the back seat of a parked vehicle. Since 1990, when the annual number of vehicular heatstroke victims was first recorded, more than 800 ...

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Oil prices will stay lower for longer, banks warn

KUWAIT CITY: Officials from two of the world’s biggest banks warned last week of a “lower for longer scenario” for oil prices.Speaking at a panel on oil prices in Kuwait, Ed Morse, the global head of commodities research at Citibank, ...

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Iraq tensions rise after Kurds warn of attack

IRBIL, Iraq: Tensions escalated between Iraq’s Kurds and Baghdad on Thursday as warnings of a “major attack” by government forces prompted Kurdish peshmerga fighters to temporarily block roads from other parts of the country.The move came just over two weeks ...

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