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Trump's Jerusalem move: US warns against scrapping Abbas talks

The US has warned Palestinians against cancelling talks with Vice-President Mike Pence, after Washington recognised Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. It would be “counterproductive” to scrap talks between Mr Pence and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas planned later this month, the US ...

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King Salman warns against embassy move to Jerusalem

Related Articles JEDDAH/ANKARA: Saudi King Salman told US President Donald Trump that any decision to move the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem before a permanent peace settlement is reached will inflame the feelings of Muslims, the Saudi Press Agency ...

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UN warns of drug-resistant germ risk brewing in nature

Related Articles NAIROBI: The UN warned Tuesday of a ticking time bomb of drug-resistant germs brewing in the natural environment, aided by humans dumping antibiotics and chemicals into the water and soil.If this continues, people will be at an ever-higher ...

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