Resident finds every alphabet letter in Dubai from space using Google Earth

DUBAI // Home to the tallest building in the world, Dubai is a city well known for its towering and impressive structures.

But while most people have grown accustomed to looking at the buildings from the ground up, one resident has found hidden gems across the city by looking from a different perspective.

A video shared on Vimeo on Saturday by Patrick Semaan shows every letter of the alphabet in Dubai from space, using Google Earth.

The video took six months to make but helped Mr Semaan to familiarise himself with the layout of the city after moving to Dubai.

“A bird’s eye view is the best way for me to understand the urban planning and road systems, which helps to know my way around pretty quickly,” he said.

The project combined his love of typography, geography and architecture and he said required curiosity, creativity and a lot of patience.

The hardest letters to find were R, K, A and Z, and the easiest were C, I and O, he said.

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